Beard oil

In our beard oils, we only use quality tested carrier oils, these carrier oils together with essential fragrance oils make our beard oil perfect for those who do not want a greasy oil. It’s made to soften your beard and to prevent dry skin and dandruff. Please try our beard oils to find your favorite scent.

We have produced our beard oils for a long period of time using test persons who have evaluated our oils and scents in depth. We wanted to be sure that our products are of the highest quality before it reaches you as a user, and the beard oil was completely magical!

Who can use our beard oil?

Our beard oils is perfect for those bearded men who not want a greasy beard. This is a light beard oil with perfect scent notes.

How to use a beard oil?

Take a few drops of oil in your hand, then rub your hands so you have oil evenly distributed in the palms. Put your hands in the beard and spread so you have oil throughout the beard and down to the hair follicles. Advantageously apply the beard with the beard oil when the beard is slightly moist. Then your pores are open and can easily receive the oil and moisturize.



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